Sunday, April 8, 2012

Are There Other Options Besides Bankruptcy in Texas?

Are There Other Options Besides Bankruptcy in Texas? Bankruptcy may or may not be your best route. There may be other options available besides bankruptcy in Texas. Dallas bankruptcy lawyer Christopher Migliaccio explains these options in this short, but insightful video. If you owe a lot of money to creditors, you may be able to negotiate a settlement. Many times, creditors are willing to settle a debt for less than what is owed. If you choose this option, be very cautious. There are a lot of predators who will take advantage of you, so be sure to ask the right questions and understand what you are agreeing to. Sometimes, it feels like the only choice when you are burdened with debt is to file for bankruptcy. In Texas, though, there are great exemption laws that make it possible to live pretty comfortably even if you have outstanding debts. It is really about you. Can you handle the creditor calls? Can you deal with the lawsuits? Can you accept that you owe outstanding debts? You are the only one who really knows ! what is best for you. For more information, contact Warren & Migliaccio today by calling 888-584-9614.